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Emerging Financial Advisors

Establish Your Business Development Success Path

New Advisor Launch Accelerator Program

On-line business development training combined with coaching and reinforcement.

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Develop the attitudes, behaviors, and techniques to build your client base

Effective business development is a process. It’s a series of steps, disciplines, tools, and techniques that you can apply consistently with prospective clients. Having a business development system enables you to identity the prospect’s needs, offer the solution, and move the sale to a profitable conclusion.

Sandler New Advisor Launch Accelerator Program

►  Learn to consistently identify and have a meaningful conversation with a prospect resulting in a subsequent conversation or meeting…or it doesn’t.

► Learn the skills and scripts necessary to make your first meeting with a prospective client a productive one and to either schedule the fact-finding conversation or disqualify the prospect.

► Develop the tools and strategies to balance and control the intellectual and emotional aspects of a fact-finding conversation and establish the prospect’s commitment to fix their problem(s).

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the New Advisor Launch Accelerator Program Brochure

3 Distinct Modules Each With Specific Learning objectives

  • Prospecting & Making Appointments
  • Conducting The Discovery Interview
  • The Feeling/Fact-Finding Conversation & The New Client

Each module includes videos, workbooks, tool kits, playbooks, & manager’s coaching guides.

You Learn How To:

  • Develop a personal formula for success
  • Create a meaningful, relevant 30-second commercial
  • Ask good questions to uncover emotional drivers: pain
  • Bond and build trust with prospects
  • Deal with stall and objections

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Includes the online training program + optional monthly coaching sessions.

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