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How To Expand Your Client Base

Business Development for Financial Advisors

The only comprehensive business development training curriculum for advisors.

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A Solid Framework to Build & Sustain
a Lucrative Client Base

You can't grow your book of business unless you’re in front of prospective clients.

The Sandler suite of programs provide learning designed to help advisors develop the competencies and habits necessary for developing, expanding, and managing a successful career and purposeful practice in the financial services industry.

Programs for Every Level of Financial Expertise

Silver Bullet

Simple Solutions in Developing Advisors to the Next Level.

Often, it’s just our own “head trash” that stops us from the behaviors of getting in front of more people, building our book of business, and attaining our goals.

This insightful read addresses the Behaviors, Attitudes, and Techniques that advisors need to move through the four stages of advisor growth.

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The Silver Bullet of Success

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Sandler Training for Financial Planners

Johnathan Pulleyn, Financial Advisor with Freedom Wealth Management, realized he needed a business coach to help him grow his business. He discovered Sandler training by Sales Matters provided the training, coaching, and sales processes he needed to have the best year ever.

Freedom Wealth Management, 919-782-0287,

Free Access to Sandler's E-Learning Library

Gain unlimited access to Sandler’s Education Learning Library (SELL) for one full year.

With hundreds of audio, video, and downloadable resources, get to know Sandler’s best tips and success principles.

Customized Training for Financial Services Sector

Sandler has created a financial services vertical addressing the unique needs of financial professionals. Customized content addresses the trends and issues that arise in their industry.

4 Ways Financial Planners Can Change Their Behavior To Improve Results

How can you effectively add to your client base? Changing your behaviors in these 4 areas can help you work smarter and more efficiently.

Sandler Training Forms Alliance With Society Of Financial Service Professionals

Sandler is working with the Society of Financial Service Professionals (Society of FSP) to bring advisors the latest tools and information to increase success for themselves and their clients.

LinkedIn The Sandler Way

Get this FREE 68-page e-book and learn how to efficiently use the world’s largest professional network to find more prospects and increase your client base.

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[Podcast] How to Succeed at Selling Professional Services

This podcast shares how you can get to the top and stay there.

  • Why Attitude is important to long-term success
  • How Behavior affects your chances of success
  • How to improve your Technique for greater success

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Selling Professional Services – The Sandler Way

Enjoy the process of expanding your client base and developing a successful practice. Use the skills you’ve mastered and deploy them in a different manner.

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Sandler Training Helps Retirement Advisor

Jim Baudreau, Founder & Principal of ADAM Financial Group, wanted a process to help his business work effectively and effectively; not a shotgun approach. Sandler Training by Sales Matters in Raleigh, NC helped Jim to implement a system to confidently approach clients using a step by step process that determines if they’re a fit to work together. He’s not chasing prospects and closing the deal or moving on.

ADAM Financial Group, 919-676-7951,

Take Your Business a Step Further

A full suite of solutions for financial professionals & firms offered through training classes, coaching, and online.

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