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Organizational Excellence

Executive Forum for Business Owners & Leaders

The 6 P’s & 24 Steps to Success

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Strategies to create a cohesive,
goal driven

Overcome the 13 classic blind spots that can kill a business.

Achieving Organizational Excellence is when the daily practices of a business are so impeccably managed you can't find areas where it needs help. The business is growing, expanding, and adjusting to changing market conditions and technologies.

Blind spots

Take the Blind Spots Survey and begin your journey of self discovery.

What stands between your company and organizational excellence?

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The Blind Spots Syndrome

Leadership blind spots are relevant to all companies in all industries but particularly important for small and mid-sized businesses. 

A proven survey template designed to help you identify the professional blind spots that are keeping you from taking your company into the top tier!

You Can't Just Treat the Symptom...

You Have to Remove the Cause

Organization Excellence covers 6 powerful leadership strategies and the 24 steps surrounding them. This forum is intensive and leads you through the completion of each step on the road to excellence.

It's Up to YOU to Start the Journey.

A strong leader is a role model for exhibiting behaviors that are congruent with the organization's values and beliefs.

Creating and maintaining a culture of continuous growth and improvement must come from you.

Performance Programs for the Entire Organization

  • Management Performance

    A manager wears a lot of hats; supervisor, coach, and mentor. Sandler’s Management Program incorporates and reinforces the Organizational Excellence model by building a framework built on productive behavior, cooperation, collaboration, and accountability.

    More About the Management Program
    Sales Management Program

  • Sales Professionals & Teams

    The Sales Mastery Program is a take-charge approach that places the power and control of the sales process in the hands of the sales professional. It’s an ongoing development program grounded in communication and psychological theories, powerful strategies, and techniques that align with achieving Organizational Excellence.

    More About Sales Mastery

  • Customer Service & Inside Sales

    Sandler’s Strategic Customer Care Program addresses daily challenges of your front line team. It builds an often underutilized group to build relationships and identify new opportunities based on the Organizational Excellence model.

    More About Customer Service

The Road to Excellence

Build a Bulletproof Business

Identifies common blind spots that can take any business off track. You also learn six leadership strategies that make it easier to find the answer to the question: What, exactly, stands between my company and organizational excellence—and what do I do about it?