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Sandler Client Success Videos

Five Raleigh professionals sharing how Sandler Training helped them reach their goals.
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How Sandler Training Helped These Professionals

Five Raleigh professionals share their experiences with Sandler Training by Sales Matters. Each one has a unique story of getting started with Sandler Training and how their results from adopting the process.

Sandler Training Helps Retirement Advisor

Jim Baudreau, Founder & Principal of ADAM Financial Group, wanted a process to help his business work effectively and effectively; not a shotgun approach. Sandler Training by Sales Matters in Raleigh, NC helped Jim to implement a system to confidently approach clients using a step by step process that determines if they’re a fit to work together. He’s not chasing prospects and closing the deal or moving on.

ADAM Financial Group, 919-676-7951,

Sandler Training for Attorney’s

The Sandler’s sales methodologies work for professional service professionals such as Charles Anderson, Jr., Partner of Ellis & Winters, LLP. By implementing Sandler’s seven-step process, Mr. Anderson become more intentional about where he was looking to develop new clients. He increased his book of business and reached his yearly sales goal by third quarter.

Ellis & Winters, LLP, 919.865.7000,

Sandler Training for Software Technology

Business owner Carol Vercellino, CEO & Co-Founder of Oak City Labs realized her company was lacking goals and processes. Carol realized the company needed scalable, repeatable systems to grow the business. Sandler Training helped Carol implement sales processes, effectively use up-front contracts, and create structure in prospect conversations. This resulted in proposals that were more focused on prospect needs and increased closing rates.

Oak City Labs, 919-307-6702,

Sandler Training for Sales Teams

Business owner Jake Merzigian, President & CEO of Zig Zibit, shares how Sandler Training becomes your way of thinking and communicating with prospects. Wanting to integrate consistency throughout his company, his entire team joined the Sandler Program. The Sandler methodology has helped differentiate his company and increased their effectiveness uncovering budgets and identifying qualified prospects.

Zig Zibit, 919-876-5828,

Sandler Training for Financial Planners

Johnathan Pulleyn, Financial Advisor with Freedom Wealth Management, realized he needed a business coach to help him grow his business. He discovered Sandler training by Sales Matters provided the training, coaching, and sales processes he needed to have the best year ever.

Freedom Wealth Management, 919-782-0287,

Sandler Training for Insurance

Larz Soper, Vice President of ARI Gobal didn’t like the pressure of closing the sale. The Sandler Training process has given Larz the confidence to move through each phase of the sale to effectively qualify or disqualify the prospect. He also accredits DISC to understanding an individual’s personality traits and communicating in way they relate to. Larz exceeded his goals two months early.

ARI Global, Apex, NC, 919-355-2686,