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Meet the Sandler
Raleigh Team

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Meet Our Team

We have been in the sales industry for more than 20 years. Sandler Sales City Raleigh is a licensed training center in the Research Triangle region of Raleigh, Chapel Hill, and Durham, North Carolina. We help companies of all sizes reach their full potential, exceed expectations and continue to grow.


Evan Wood
Director of Sales
Phone: 919-272-1696 • 
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Evan Wood is the Director of Sales for Sandler Sales City Raleigh and Sales City Triad areas in North Carolina. Evan has worked in the sales industry for 20+ years in several different industries such as: Retail Sales, Car Sales, Insurance Sales, Medical Sales, and For-Profit Education Sales. This gives Evan unique experience and ability to help a variety of businesses grow their salespeople and leadership team.

When Evan is not working, he enjoys backyard BBQ’s and outdoor adventures with his young son. 

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Tom Cuthbert
Phone: 210-369-8662


Tom is the Chairman of Sales City Group, the parent company for Sales City Raleigh and other markets around the US. Additionally, Tom serves as a Vistage Master Chair and CEO Coach in San Antonio. He has had an extensive, 35-year career of building, buying and selling businesses across multiple industries. The most recent company, Adometry, was acquired by Google.

Today, Tom chairs six Vistage groups made up of 100 CEOs and business leaders from diverse industries in San Antonio. He’s been recognized with the Vistage Chair Excellence Award, STAR Award and consistently ranks in the top 10 nationally. Tom was named “Vistage Chair of the Year” for the Southern region. In 2019, Tom was honored to receive the Pat Hyndman Award for his commitment to service to the Vistage community.

In 2017 he acquired Sandler Training for San Antonio and South Texas. In 2020 he launched Sales City Group to acquire and operate multiple Sander training franchises across the US.

Hollis Rudd
Vice President of Operations
Phone: 210-301-0134 Ext. 0



Hollis Rudd is the Vice President of Operations for Sales City Raleigh, Sales City Triad, and Sandler San Antonio. She has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Kenan Flagler Business School at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. During her time at UNC, she concentrated in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. Hollis joined the Sandler San Antonio team through her Venture for America fellowship, a two-year program for recent graduates who want to create jobs in American cities through entrepreneurship. She is passionate about creating opportunities for herself and others. In her free time, Hollis is an avid rock climber and loves any outdoor adventure from hiking to paddle boarding.


Kaitlyn Kapuscinski
Sales Development Representative
Phone: (210) 301-0134 ext. 5



Kaitlyn Kapuscinski is the Sales Development Representative for Sandler Sales City Raleigh. She has been in the sales industry for 8 years. Kaitlyn has also studied Computer Programming and Video Game Design at Northwest Vista College in San Antonio.

Kaitlyn is looking to make an impact at Sandler Sales City Raleigh and help future SDR's in their roles. She spends her free time doing CrossFit, travelling, and spending time with friends.

Laura W. Wolf
Director of Marketing


Laura is currently serving as the Director of Marketing for Sales City Raleigh, Sales City Triad, and Sandler San Antonio. In this role, she leads the marketing, advertising and social media strategies via all digital channels.

Laura’s digital marketing experience dates back to 2005 when she worked at Adometry (formerly Click Forensics), a San Antonio technology startup acquired by Google under the leadership of Tom Cuthbert optimizing digital advertising campaigns with the most accurate marketing analytics platform.

She holds a BA in Mass Communications and a MA as a Distinguished Graduate with Honors in Organizational Communication Studies. In her free time, she enjoys thrift shopping, cooking, baking and is passionate about volunteering at her local church, mentoring and community service. She spends most of her time being active with her three amazing and beautiful girls.

Will Gentry
Director of Finance & Administration
Phone: 210-301-0134 Ext. 6



Will is the Director of Finance and Administration at Sales City Raleigh, Sales City Triad, and Sandler San Antonio. He graduated from Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Virginia and double majored in Geology and Business Administration. He studied geology for curiosity's sake and finance to gain a skill set valuable in the business world. After graduating, Will began his two year fellowship program with Venture for America with hopes of working in a small team to make a big impact. His free time is best spent fly fishing and mountain biking, but he is just as happy when BBQing in the backyard with his friends. Will was raised in Fort Worth and is excited to be back in Texas after four years away in college.

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