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Sandler Sales Foundations

Reach Your Potential

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Are you ready to EXCEED your own EXPECTATIONS?

Your first step in becoming a Certified Sales Master

Sales is the most common profession in the United States, yet no one grows up dreaming of being a salesperson. Typically, salespeople have no formal training or a common process to execute this role. This leads to misconceptions and poor performance. We are here to change that!

Are you in?

Participants in Sandler Training possess the fortitude and drive to push themselves to go beyond the norm. They are determined to exceed goals and become a Sandler Certified Sales Master.

The Sandler Foundations class delivers the core principles of the Sandler Sales Mastery Program and the first step to bronze certification.


Do your prospects...

  • Stall with excuses?
  • Quibble over price?
  • Back away when it comes time for commitment?
  • Tell you they have to think-it-over?
  • Pick your brain for ideas, and then give business to someone else?


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You will learn how to ...

  • Establish rapport with prospects.
  • Set an agenda for a sales call.
  • Effectively ask the questions to qualify a prospect quickly or disqualify & move on.
  • Quickly uncover the prospect’s need, budget, & decision-making process.
  • Make effective presentations.
  • Improve your attitude, behavior, & technique.
  • Create an effective prospecting plan.
  • Shorten sales cycle & increase your close rate.

Your first step to closing more business!

Sandler Foundations is where everyone involved in Sandler Training officially starts. It is a 10-week introductory course designed to give a complete overview of the Sandler Selling System and the information needed to immediately improve your performance.

  • Use a Proven Process for Sales

    Discover the power of the seven-step Sandler Selling System and overlay it on your current sales approach to develop a common process and sales language for your team.

  • Establish Rapport & Trust with the Prospect

    Learn easy-to-follow frameworks to better understand yourself and others and how to communicate more effectively with prospects, clients, and internal team members.

  • Start Sales Conversations & Set an Agenda

    Take control of the sales process from the very beginning by establishing an agenda and mutually beneficial guidelines for productive conversations.

  • Ask Better Questions

    Learn to improve your information gathering to gain a greater understanding of your prospects, as you help them discover and articulate their needs.

  • Discover Why People Buy

    Learn the high-powered Sandler discovery process used to probe for true buyer motivations. Deals move much faster and more reliably when both sides understand the reasons for doing business. 

  • Uncover the Prospect’s Budget

    You will learn how to get honest information about the investment constraints of your prospects and whether they are willing and able to make them in order to solve their problem.

  • Understand the Decision-Making Process

    Learn how to uncover your prospect's decision-making process and cast of characters, as well as how to spot, remove, or avoid sales roadblocks.

  • Make More Effective Sales Presentations & Close More Sales

    Learn to consistently close and reinforce sales with effective presentations, proposals, or quotes and learn how to set the stage for future business and referrals.

  • Improve Your Performance

    Take a hard look at your attitudes, behaviors, and techniques and how to increase your chances of sustainable success in life and sales.

  • Create a Prospecting Plan for New Business

    Identify your ideal client and the right mix of prospecting activities to find them, and then craft a compelling 30-second commercial to ensure a predictable and sustainable sales funnel.



The certification path to extraordinary results

  • Bronze Certification


    Bronze level knowledge testing is designed to give participants the foundational understanding of the Sandler Selling System so they can begin to apply it.

  • Silver Certification


    The silver level is designed to ensure that participants who have learned the Sandler strategies can apply them correctly in their specific organizations, roles, and industries.

  • Gold Certification


    Gold level certification measures the consistent application of the concepts to build new behaviors and skills. Journaling, coaching, and ride-a-longs ensure accountability for successful implementation.

  • Master Certification


    The Master level certification ensures that participants sustain behaviors until they become new habits. Participants are required to demonstrate and document in-the-field performance results.

crash a class students

"Sales can be a daunting task and not just for those that are new to the role. Many sales people feel like they are throwing darts waiting for one to stick. If you want to break from the cycle that everyone else has fallen into and create a sustainable model for bringing on and maintaining new business... I would highly suggest working with Susan and the team at Sales Matters." 
Aaron, Former Client

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