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"Break the Rules
and Sell More"

Why Selling can be Frustrating.

Complimentary Webinar • Friday, Sept. 16th

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Break the Rules and Sell More

Friday, September 16th | 8:30 - 9:30 a.m.

This event is for CEOs and Executive Leaders

Why is Selling Such a Frustrating Game?

The PROBLEM with sales is the playbook salespeople have been using. There is not enough time spent on qualifying opportunities, asking questions, listening and understanding a prospect's needs. Instead salespeople invest all their energy and effort at the end of the sales process doing things like, handling objections, closing hard and trying to convince prospects.

Have you and/or your team ever:

  • Chased what seemed to be a positive prospect wanting to buy?

  • Provided “unpaid consulting?

  • Discounted prices because there was no other alternative to close?

  • Received a “think it over” that turned into a time consuming follow up process?

In this FREE Webinar you will learn:

  • The Traditional Selling Game Played by 95% of Sales Professionals

  • 2 Key Ways in Which the Traditional Selling Game is Flawed

  • 4 Rules All Buyers Employ Which Can Make Selling MISERABLE

  • 7 Steps to Breaking the Rules and Close More Sales in Less Time

  • 3 Tools No Sales Professional Will Survive Long Without

  • 2 Ways to Open Prospecting Calls That Create Immediate Interest

  • 1 Secret Weapon Which Earns Sellers Instant Credibility & Trust

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